Client Money Reconciliation
Effectively reconcile client money using proven technology.
When you’re controlling and holding client money, strong segregation processes are vital – for compliance as well as your client’s rights.
With separate reconciliations required for every client or investor, you need to determine exactly how much money you should be holding for each. Your internal records must accurately reflect your client bank accounts. And whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, bookmaker, property manager or pension provider, the processes you use need to conform with the requirements of your industry.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Adapt your financial processes to growing regulatory complexities.

Adapt your financial processes to growing regulatory complexities.

Key Benefits:
  • Generate real-time insights into the status and exposure of your firm and client money.
  • Boost efficiency through accurate segregations and rapid exception management.
  • Ensure control and compliance with a proven money segregation process and fully auditable workflow.
  • Generate reports and analyse data using our intuitive reporting dashboard.

Automate client money segregation – simply and efficiently.

As well as meeting the statutory requirements for industries using client money segregation, Aurum’s flexible platform can easily adapt to meet new regulatory needs.


Matching data from your client money bank account against finance systems, our solution calculates requirements, manages cash breaks and can be manually updated as needed. Then it highlights any necessary payments for segregation accounts.

We have complete confidence that our bank statements agree with the accounting records held in Partner for Windows. Aurum allows us to stay on top of our client accounts, and we can easily answer client queries as we know that we have a fully reconciled position each day.
Sue Pretty, Senior Cashier
Breeze & Wyles Solicitors
Case Studies
Learn how clients from all over the world are boosting productivity using our software.
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BPL Solicitors 1
bpl Solicitors

Kevin Cole, Financial Controller – bpl Solicitors

"With bank reconciliation taking just 20 minutes, we have streamlined how we work whilst improving efficiency and control. This has freed up staff time to focus on other core financial management activity and we can deploy our resources more effectively."

Taylor Rose 2
Taylor Rose 0
Taylor Rose

Sue Pretty, Senior Cashier

Taylor Rose Solicitors

"Aurum’s solution has proved perfect for Taylor Rose and I would recommend it highly to other companies searching for an automated reconciliation system, or those looking to improve how reconciliation is currently managed."

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