Securities Positions and Trades Reconciliation
Streamline reconciliations to improve visibility and accuracy.
Positions and trades reconciliations are a legal requirement for many in the securities market. But as volumes of data and trades increase, they are also best practice – helping firms to reduce trading and operational risks.
To do this process effectively and meet regulations you need a well-documented transparent workflow. Enabling you to efficiently match internal position balances against your custodian or broker.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Introducing Aurum’s smart RPA solution for reconciliations.

Introducing Aurum’s smart RPA solution for reconciliations.

Key Benefits:
  • Mitigate risk through consolidating positions and trades reconciliations in one platform.
  • Rapidly identify securities from inconsistent data using Aurum’s smart repair feature for trades and positions.
  • Improve accountability and ensure compliance with a fully auditable workflow.
  • Generate reports and evaluate KPIs using bespoke reporting tools.
  • Reduce operational risks through analysing recorded breaks.
  • Allocate resources effectively through spotting surges in the amount and complexity of transactions.

Automate client money segregation – simply and efficiently:

Speeding up the process with greater end-to-end visibility, Aurum enables you to comply with regulations such as MIFID II.


Regardless of your geography, exchange platform, or instruments – Ticker, ISIN, SEDOL, CUSIP or SIN - it transforms and loads data for reconciling.


Aurum automatically resolves mismatches using complex matching and update rules. And with a complete audit trail and the ability to investigate and resolve breaks, you get a dynamic snapshot and valuable insight on this critical process.

Aurum allowed us to move from a manual, two-way cash reconciliation with our broker to an automated three-way reconciliation which allows our fund managers to know precisely how much cash they have available for trading. We could never have done this before due to restraints on time and resourcing, and the complexity involved.
Keith Clarke, Reconciliations Analyst
Octopus Investments
Case Study
Learn how clients from all over the world are boosting productivity using our software.
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Octopus Investements 3
Octopus Investments

Peter Orsi, Head of Operations

"We have seen a quick return on our investment. A major benefit is the time saved. Even though we have increased the number of bank accounts and transactions that we process. Without Aurum this process would easily take at least one person an entire day to complete."

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